The center of LIFE

This is the place, the energy, where you can find such treasures,
that will help to bring back the "LIFE" the everyday life.

It helps to be become the true CREATOR,
who we really are inside,
without any kind of pretense and self imposed.

It helps to heal the internal mental wounds and allows
the fulfillment and become the MASTER of yourself.

You can experience the connection with your own center here…

Crimson Circle workshops and therapies held by the Hungarian Shaumbra Teachers. Everything about inspiring the awareness! U.S. company licensed workshop’s issues such as physical abuse and psychic manipulation, or “energy stealing,” and our aspects, birth and death.

What for the courses are?: balanced, drama free and joyful life.

Our Mission: The advanced studies workshops of The Crimson Circle co. changed our life in an intensive way and our relationship to ourself and to life itself. Those workshops gave us a new perspective about “Why are we here?”, “Why do we live?” „How we can have a joyful life if we won’t focus only on drama?” and therefore from our first participation of these workshops became to one of our desire to make available these courses for more people, for more languages and for more countries and with that the participants would be able to regard themselves and life in a whole new way. Therefore as certified teachers we started to organize and/or create translations of the study materials and other related materials and subtitles for Hungarian, Slovenian, Portuguese and for some other languages. For now most of these workshops are available to non-English speakers and for those who wish to become a teacher of these materials.



Below are a Crimson Circle Advanced Studies list that we can hold. The Crimson Circle workshops are usually three days, wich can be conducted over a weekend. When you are interested to participate a workshop which one is not announced, please contact us to find you a suitable date.

Please click on each icon to read more information about the workshops.


Meet with our Team

<h3 style="text-align: center;">Robert Gulyas</h3>

Robert Gulyas

Teacher and therapist

Robert is a Master of Computer Science, has a career in the aviation IT industry and has followed the Crimson Circle materials since 2003. He is certified to teach Sexual Energies School, Journey of Angels and DreamWalker Life workshops, is a facilitator of DreamWalker Death Transition and DreamWalker Birth and as well New Energy Synchrotize. He was participant of several Keahak and was Co-host of Hungarian Refreshment Awakening Zone Radio Show. He speaks: Hungarian and English.
<h3 style="text-align: center;">Alfred Halasz</h3>

Alfred Halasz

Teacher, mentor teacher & therapist

Alfred worked for 20 years as a Hungarian radio moderator, reporter and editor in Slovenia. Started to participate on the Crimson Circle basic courses in 2007, than from the begining of 2008 he become certified teacher and facilitator almost all of Crimson Circle Advanced Studies. He is a Crimson Circle Mentor Teacher (trainer of new CC teachers) - since 2010. He led workshops including Hungary, Slovenia, Brazil and Germany. He participated in group Keahak II, he was the Crimson Circle Slovenian webhost and the Hungarian Awakening Zone Radio host till 2012. He channels Kuthumi lal Singh, Saint Germain (the Count), Nikola Tesla and others. He speaks: Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, English and German.
<h3 style="text-align: center;">Timea Thomazy</h3>

Timea Thomazy

Teacher, mentor teacher & therapist

Timea is a Master of Cultural and Visual Anthropology Research (2001) and eGov. Management (eServices & IT solutions - 2013). She worked several years in the IT management sector of Hungarian Government and she began to write projects and tenders as a freelancer in 2006, and a mean time started to translate the Crimson Circle short materials to Hungarian. She participated on the first Crimson Circle workshop at 2007 summertime and from 2008 she has been certified teacher and therapist to Crimson Circle Advanced Studies for now she is certified teacher of all courses, and in 2010 she has been selected to become a mentor Teacher and Hungarian Crimson Circle Webhost. She completed the Conscious breath (New Breath) teacher training at Portugal with Norma Delaney (US), who is assisted for the most famous channelers in the world as Geoofrey Hoppe, Lee Carroll, etc. Timea participated in several Keahak groups and she was Host of Hungarian Refreshment Awakening Zone Radio Show. She speaks: Hungarian, Portuguese, English and Spanish.
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