Who is this program appropriate for?

  • This Personal Program is recommended for couples who want to experience delivery and having child in a conscious and loving way, not prioritizing only the physical side of procreation and delivery.
  • It can give really efficient help for those whose baby planning hasn’t been successful for some reason (e.g. the conception has failed or the mother had a miscarriage or dead child was born).
  • It can help couples hesitating because of traumas occurred during or after delivery to release psychological wounds using therapies and then promote willingness to have child even for those parents whose baby was born sick.
  • The Adoula helps bring closer the baby and those parents who are planning adoption, this way the parent-child relationship will be more balanced. Both the parents and the baby will know and feel that they became a family by the choice of both parties.
  • The spiritual midwife (Adoula) helps reveal the psychological reasons for conception difficulties and shows possibilities of conscious child planning.
  • They arrange a special personal “work programme” for the parents, what promotes the process from the beginning to the postnatal period on physical and psychological and spiritual level.

Birth is not only a medical and physical experience, but a wonderful psychical process what enables the incarnation of a spirit in a biological body.

The DreamWalker Conscious Baby Planning and Birth Programme generally starts before the conception (or often after) and goes on for many months after the delivery. This is a new form of spiritual and psychical midwifery. The DreamWalker Birth Assistant or conductor, officially Adoula, helps the parents create a deeper and more conscious relationship with their future baby and its energy before the actual birth. An “Adoula” teaches the parents how to communicate non-verbally with the baby and understand its needs and feelings before and after the birth.

Due to the Programme, the success of the process of conception and pregnancy has increased. Even the delivery goes smoother and can happen together with its psychical and spiritual complexity. The relationship (connection) between the baby and the parents created with the help of the Adoula decreases or completely terminates the trauma occured during delivery for the mother and the father and the child. This prior connection and the continuous communication and exercising the different types of Conscious Breathing in each trimester provide the birth of a healthy child. The Adoula service is different from the Doula service because it helps mainly during the physical process of birth. Thus the Adoula is a sort of “Spiritual Doula”.

Another benefit of the DreamWalker Conscious Baby Planning and Birth Programme is that the Adoula helps parents increase the fertility rate during pregnancy and decrease the necessity of Caesarean section and the amount of medications and painkillers used during delivery as well as relieve anxieties and fears of both parents and decrease vast incidence of postnatal depression. The child will be healthier and happier and most importantly children will know that they are loved and chosen consciously.

(Tímea Thomázy – 30th April 2009.)

For personal consultation, please contact:

Timea Thomazy
Certified Crimson Circle therapist and mentor teacher
Email: timea.thomazy@centrodavida.com
Web: www.centrodavida.com
Phone: +36-20/32-23-271

For further information about DreamWalker Birth School and Adoula (spiritual midwife) training workshop here.

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