Discussed topics within the framework of teacher training:

  • All course material elements and their effects on the students.
  • What happens if a student experiencing difficulties or problems?
  • How can we handle extreme arising cases during the course?
  • How can we lead guided exercises?
  • How can we create a “safe space” for our students?
  • What is the ‘conscious breathing’ and its role during the workshop and on the whole process of students experience?
  • What are the benefits if we become an official teacher?
  • Practical experience: how to lead group exercises of conscious breathing?
  • The teacher’s job responsibilities, the role and practice.

The dream is now available for non-English speakers to become a certified Crimson Circle teacher. The Mentor Teacher program has developed by Crimson Circle, where experienced teachers can help new teachers as a a Supervisor. All teaching materials are available as part of the Mentor Program in Hungarian (or in current language of the country) and native language support is provided, thus the daily communication (between the Crimson Circle and the teachers) will be free of hitches.

Teacher Training is recommended for those:

  • If you want to gain a much deeper personal knowledge of the whole material.
  • If you want inquire into the whole material in a completely different view point as well.

  • If you would like to conduct Crimson Circle workshops.
  • If you would like to share your insights the material with others
  • If you are a medical practitioner, a therapist or a personal coach and you would like to add a supplement to your supply range.

Training Program 
The teacher training of Crimson Circle Advanced Studies consists of two parts: content and organization. During the content portion of the training, the workshop channels and materials are reviewed and discussed in more detail. During the organizational portion, information is provided on how to organize a Crimson Circle workshop (across from the small to large number of participants) and how to attract students to your classes.

Admission and Certification Process 
Before being admitted into a teacher training you must submit an application. In this application form, a number of questions are asked about your background, (teaching) experience and motivation to become a teacher.

General Information
The Advanced Studies will provide complete training, course materials, curriculums, videos, marketing support and other materials necessary for you to conduct your schools.

Two certified teachers are required for:

  • DreamWalker, Passion and NES classes with more than 12 students;
  • SES classes, irrespective of their size;
  • Aspectology classes with more than 4 students.

For the following Mentor Teacher Training pre-registration application, please clikk here. If you can not find currently teacher trainings in your area, but would like to become a certified teacher, please contact our official Crimson Circle mentor teachers:  Timea Thomazy or Alfred Halasz. They speak​​: Hungarian, English, Slovenian, Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish and German.