Topics you can learn about:

  • History of Adamus own enlightenment
  • “Why did you wait until now to realize for yourselves?”
  • The New Earth
  • The crystal flame of transformation
  • History of Yeshua’s transformation
  • Multidimensional existence and creation
  • Life on Earth
  • The new body and mind
  • Grace of life
  • What are the limitations of human life on earth and how they can be exceeded?

In this fourth and final installment in his DreamWalker Trilogy, Adamus Saint-Germain goes deep into the challenges and joys of embodied enlightenment. As a logical follow-up to DreamWalker Death, Birth and Ascension, Adamus invites the students to make the leap into their own realization of the I Am within. Throughout history there have been relatively few humans who have realized their enlightenment. But now, in this dynamic period on Earth, it is the first time an entire group of humans have chosen to step their mastery. In DreamWalker Life Adamus addresses some of the issues that come up through this very personal experience.

Topics covered include why you’ve waited until now for your realization, Adamus’ own story of realization, the New Earth, the crystal flame of transfiguration, Yeshua’s transfiguration story, multidimensionality and creation, life on Earth, your new body and mind, living in grace, and much, much more. Adamus talks about the limitations of being human on Earth, and how to go beyond them.

Along with his inspired teachings, Adamus also guides a number of merabhs, journeys and experiences throughout the DreamWalker Life experience, and offers a profound taste of Quantum Allowing to those who are ready to choose it.

DreamWalker Life is a School for those who are ready to move into embodied ascension and truly celebrate life here on Earth. Assisted by the energies of 44 Ascended Masters, the inspired music of Yoham (Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa, Amir Yakobi) and Linda Hoppe, Adamus – channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe – offers this ultimate DreamWalker experience for anyone who feels ready to join with their own divine nature.

Even if you have been at one of the previous DWL schools (f.e. a CC live event) this seminar will be a special experience for you. The seminar has evolved a lot until these recordings have been done and you have the benefit of a teacher guiding you through these intense 2 ½ days. If you would like to repeat this school please contact Sandra Heuschmann >> before registering to obtain a graduate link and register for half price.

I recommend to attend the Tobias’ Sexual Energies School (SES) before taking the DreamWalker Life School. Self-love, Acceptance and Self-empowerment are skills that you will learn in the SESchool and this will help you to experience the DWL process at a deeper level. More information about SES can be found here.

Attendance at a prior DreamWalker School (Death, Birth or Ascension) is not required to attend DreamWalker Life.

DreamWalker Life Workshop intro video:

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