No More Workshops!

And how I ended up as teacher for the Crimson Circle Advanced Studies Workshops…

Lutz Nullmeyer by Lutz Nullmeyer

Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine.

Maybe you think just like I did only a few years ago: “No more workshops!” I had made my way on the spiritual path for lots of years, visited several workshops and trainings on different topics, read many spiritual books and so on. However, now I felt clearly: “It’s enough. I am done. I need no more workshops!” I was still following the Shouds each month, viewing the live transmission when possible, and afterwards I usually read the translation. There was enough information given by Tobias and Adamus in the Shouds. No more workshops needed. By the way, my wife Sigrid felt the same way when we first met about eight years ago. We were quite happy to not only share our love but also being Shaumbra.

Then we both together experienced some things that changed our mind. It started when Geoff and Linda Hoppe did a book tour through Europe in 2010. One of the events was just an hour drive away from where we live. I thought: “Well, it’s not far away and it could be interesting to see Geoff and Linda live – and Adamus, of course. There might be a problem with the language though, but I should be able to follow the general topic. I will go there!” Sigrid joined me.

The event took place in a hotel. The very moment we entered the room I felt and enjoyed being in that special energy. And the live channeling of Adamus was really an outstanding experience. When Geoff mentioned at the end that there were still three spaces open for the next workshop about mental imbalance I just knew that I wanted to attend. That one was meant for people with a special professional background. It was not for everyone, but I knew immediately that I wanted to go. Sigrid also felt very much drawn to it.

To keep it short, we were accepted to this workshop and enjoyed another special experience. Eventually Adamus made a clear statement to all attendees: If we wanted to work as facilitators, he would strongly recommend to attend the Sexual Energies School (SES), which is a class that was channeled by Tobias. Surprisingly, even that felt good and right for both of us. So we decided: “Let’s do SES. And that’s it! That will really be our last workshop.”

We did not anticipate that attending the Sexual Energies School would really make us change our mind as well as our life. For us in Germany it’s quite uncommon to exaggerate things and use expressions like “life changing.” When we say “good” it really means good and “very good” is the best value you can find. But going through SES turned out to be truly a life changing experience.

What made it so special? First, I really dived deep into the energies. This class was more about feeling and sensing than understanding through the mind. Even though there is a lot of information in each class, there is an intense energetic process that unfolds during the workshop, which allows a profound personal experience much deeper than the spoken words. It was so intense and helpful. Our experience went far beyond of what we would ever have expected. It really was a New Energy workshop. Our life – even as couple – has changed in such a positive way since then.

Now I understood exactly why Adamus had recommended SES, even though he had also mentioned here and there that there was no need for further workshops, studies, etc. We soon got more and more curious about the other Crimson Circle workshops like Aspectology, DreamWalker Death, and DreamWalker Birth. Well, the good thing about decisions and being sovereign is that you can always make a new choice. When it feels good – go for it. And that’s what Sigrid and I did – we discarded “No more workshops!” and decided instead to gift ourselves with more of these schools and workshops channeled by Tobias and Adamus. Each of them provided us with stunning experiences and insights, helped us move stuck energies within only three days, helped us to release a lot of makyo with ease and grace, and allowed us to meet interesting people. Last but not least we even ended up as certified teachers for several Crimson Circle workshops ourselves. We have been feeling so much passion about all the classes and the profound deep positive impact they have had on our life that it became a very strong heartfelt desire to present some of the classes ourselves. And we see that our attendees – whether they call themselves Shaumbra or not – have similar experiences.

Speaking of “passion,” some time ago we decided to take the Passion Workshop as a self-study course, which also gave us a wonderful experience. I got so much passion with “Passion” that I recently became a certified Passion teacher. Sigrid made the choice to repeat the class, this time using the setup of a teacher presented workshop with me as the teacher. We both were rather surprised by the outcome. Even though I as her husband was leading the class, it was no problem at all that each of us had our own role: Sigrid diving into the energies of the class as a student and me being the teacher. Moreover, Sigrid enjoyed a much more intense experience than with the self-study course. This showed us that there is a huge difference between going through the material on your own, and using the assistance of a teacher who provides a safe space and, if needed, plenty of support.

I agree with Adamus, when he states that we are ready to step into our own mastery without any other prerequisites. Yet, it can be so helpful and such an amazing experience to gift yourself with a New Energy workshop like the Crimson Circle Advanced Studies. As Adamus often says, “A real master allows the energies to serve him.” I have allowed the New Energy classes to serve me and wouldn’t want to miss it.

Lutz is a passionate certified Crimson Circle Teacher for Sexual Energy School, Aspectology, DreamWalker Birth, Discovering Your Passion and DreamWalker Life. He lives in the beautiful countryside in Syke (near Bremen), Germany, with his wife Sigrid, who is also a Crimson Circle Teacher.

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