Some fields of use of Conscious Breath:

  • Stress relief and problem solving
  • Healing and releasing old pains and psychological wounds
  • Unlocking blocks and restarting the flow of energies inside and outside the body
  • Integration and reunion
  • Inviting and taking your transcendent self into the physical body
  • The GNOST, taking creative solutions into everyday life
  • Creating spiritual and mental balance
  • Improving mental illnesses and finding the pointers of recovery
  • Treating depression
  • Starting the body’s own self-renewing ability and self-medication
  • Fear and anger management

Conscious Breath Therapy

Conscious Breath is such a special breathing technique what Norma Delaney (USA) started to apply and teach all over the world. Cooperating with Kuan Yin, Norma worked out and successfully applied it on people suffering from different types of mental and physical illnesses as well as last stage patients as a healing and/or pain relief and anxiolytic method. Later she was teaching it for nurses and other hospital staffs.
When Tobias or Adamus Saint-Germain says, take a deep breath, he means leave your mind, connect with the core of your nature, your essence, your Spirit and be in the Now moment, be PRESENT in Yourself.

Your Aspects and everything you choose can return and come into your life and your body only if you are present. Its simplest and easiest way is Conscious Breathing. This is the steady basis the whole Ascension and New Energy Life are built on.

The breathing therapist helps you to reveal the reasons of blocks and obstructions. He promotes the inductions of changes in your life and helps you through the difficulties with the help of Kuan Yin and Conscious Breathing.

Text: by Thomázy Tímea