Topics you can learn about:

  • Energy Management i.e. the nature and origin of the sexual energy.
  • How is sexual energy used for control, manipulation and suppression?
  • The use and abuse of sexual energy and its relationship with the Karma.
  • How do sexual energies create blocks in human life?
  • How are victims and abusers able to get rid of the bondage of sexual energy?
  • How to recognize and identify the sexual energies in human life?
  • How to avoid the trap of sexual energies?
  • How to release the Sexual Energy Virus?
  • How to create a sacred and spiritual experience with yourself?

This powerful and intensive three-day workshop focuses on physical, psychological, psychic and sexual abuse and is about rebalancing of the personal feminine and masculine aspects. The workshop experience provides profound information about the interaction of the two archetypical energies. It shows how any such energy imbalance does not only affect the personal life but all fields of human relationships as well, like partnership, family, society, business, politics and religions. In this material Tobias provides detailed information about how you can release deeply imbedded energetic wounds and begin enjoying life in a new way.

The process of energy stealing is compared to the workings of a “virus,” (in this case a “sexual energy virus”) and is something that affects all of us. The key to healing this “virus” lies in the balancing of our masculine and feminine energies and the love of Self. Imbalances between these archetypical energies is what causes the problems not only in personal lives, but also in families, companies, schools, religious organizations and government.

During the workshop you will hear the spiritual history of how the “virus” came about and how it is manifesting itself in your daily life. And, through several intense personal exercises you will gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of energy stealing. The workshop will also offer you tools to rebalance your energies and help you remove the “virus” from your life.

The workshop experience includes six channeled sessions with Tobias of The Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe on DVDs, and instructor-led “Conscious Breathings” and other activities and discussions.

Tobias’ Sexual Energies School was first presented in Del Mar, California in February 2006. There were 80 attendees in the group who had experienced physical and/or psychic abuses in their lives. Tobias (an angelic being, channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe) talked about the origin, the form of appearance, the symptoms and the cures of the sexual energy virus. Since then Tobias has released the materials in several places in the United States, Australia, Japan and Europe. At the end of 2006 the first instructors were trained to lead the three-day course using Tobias’ original DVDs. Nowadays there are more than 100 certified instructors all around the world.

Those, who were studying in the Sexual Energies School, say that this was one of the most important courses they have ever attended.

This workshop appropriate for:

  • Anyone whose life has been affected by physical and psychic abuse, suppression, or humiliation.
  • Those who desire to put an end to abuse, suppression and imbalanced energies in their present and future lives.
  • Anyone who has experienced manipulation in their life and does not know how to handle it.
  • Professional therapist, psychologist or facilitator who work with these issues.
  • Anyone who wishes to understand inter-personal energy dynamics from a New Energy perspective.

Benefits of the virus remission:

  • It can be recognized how the virus works in human life.
  • You can learn how to let go the virus in the body, the mind and the spirit.
  • Virus disconnection from the karmic circle of life (we do not take it with us to death nor into the future life, will not be transferred to our children).
  • When a person cleans the virus, the future will be cleansed. When a group cleans out the virus, it changes the awareness in a global scale.

Language: DVD’s in English with Hungarian Subtitle, discussion: Hungarian &/or English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, or German

First day, in case of early start 10:00AM-10:15AM; afternoon start 2:00PM-2:15 PM; or late start 4:00PM-4:15PM – Registration
First day, in case of early start 10:15AM-5:00PM; afternoon start 2:15PM – 8:00PM; or late start 4:15PM-10:00PM
Second day, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Third day, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Testimonials from attendees:

“All the questions I had about my own life over the last few years, just solved during the weekend.”
“While all the workshops bring us back to our oneness in some way, this for me was the ultimate. If you could only pick one workshop for a Shaumbra to attend I would tell them this one. It’s core message of self love and acceptance was so profound for me. This has helped me embrace my choice to be here more passionately than ever before.”
” This workshop was the most profound course I have taken that will have an unimaginable affect on my life.”
“All my life I’ve been waiting for this material! Now I would like just dancing through life, enjoying every moment..”

You can find more information about the SES experiences in our Articles:

Note: Attendees don’t need to complete the other workshop in order to attend Sexual Energies (Energy Management) workshop.

Sexual Energies Workshop intro video:

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Other Sexual Energies related materials:

1961Introduction to Tobias’ Sexual Energies School

This material  recorded July 12, 2009 (Golden, Colorado, USA)

Excerpts from his SES Update, recorded July, 2009.

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This material  recorded August 21, 2004 (Franktown, Colorado, USA)

Relationships are one of the biggest challenges with spiritual workers today. Many people find themselves alone, without a partner or mate. Other people have gone through numerous relationships and divorces in their adult lives. Some people find themselves stuck in an old relationship, not knowing how to move forward. During this channeled session, Tobias talks about the attributes of New Energy relationships. He answers actual questions submitted from readers around the world, on everything from how to find a New Energy relationship, to knowing when it is time to make a change in a relationship, to the importance of having time without a relationship.

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437The 13th Strand

This material recorded June 19, 2004 (Franktown, Colorado, USA)

“There is a 13th (DNA) strand. It is what we call the Unity Strand. It brings back together all of the elements that have been in polarity within any human body and any human consciousness.” The group of metaphysicians listened intently as Tobias answered questions about gays and lesbians. The questions were submitted by people around the world, hungry for knowledge and insight into their own gay or lesbian energies, or those of their friends, sons and daughters. “The 13th strand allows the reunification of masculine and feminine, of light and dark, of negative and positive. It brings back into unity all of the old duality elements.”

During this 88 minute session, Tobias talks about how a small group of humans known as “the blended ones” are helping to manifest this unity energy within their being, and ultimately make it available for all of humanity. He talks about dealing with rejection and hostility, and the need for gays and lesbians to come out of the closet and begin teaching personal unity. He also admonishes gays and lesbians to release the root cause of AIDS, which he described as “carrying society’s burden of sexual karma.”

This special Ask Tobias session on the spiritual perspective of gay and lesbian energies is co-moderated by Dr. Douglas Davies and Linda Benyo.

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