Topics you can learn about:

  • What are your own “internal softwares” (beliefs and belief systems) and how do they work?
  • What motive powers and self lies do operate your own life?
  • How do the society around you and the outside world affect you?
  • How certain action patterns and bad habits are formed?
  • How to apply the NES tools in daily life?
  • How to create conscious and “effective” decisions and choices?
  • How to work with clients who are experiencing difficulties and fears, or patients who are struggling with addiction?
  • How to activate the synchronous flow in your own life using the Conscious Choice (NES) method?

The Synchrotize method helps you to examine and explore your beliefs, belief systems, way of thinking and self lies that influence your life. What kind of motive powers lead particular acts? How are these linked with certain action patterns, some of which could make your everyday life more difficult turning into a bad habit, or just simply prevents you doing particular things

The Synchrotize method helps you to look at your beliefs and their layered structure then shows you how to release all those beliefs and convictions what you no longer wish to accept or don’t serve you properly anymore (e.g. releasing phobias or such convictions like “I can bear really big problems only if I drink something” – preferably alcohol to ease off the weight of the pressure). By using the simple tools of Saint-Germain you can learn how to make your own conscious choices and place them in your reality landscape. When this happens, you realize a synchronous flow in your life.

In the New Energy Synchrotize workshop you can look at your beliefs surrounding your life and their effects on your everyday life. The effect of the mass consciousness comes to the front and you look at how your certain decisions influence the reality that you experience. A person usually unconsciously accepts the “faith elements” of the external effects into their belief structure, which can be such bagatelle as “you can’t go to bed without washing teeth” or ” I can’t wake up without alarm clock” or “if somebody slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also” or “the grasshopper is inedible” etc. – and these are able to create a kind of hypnosis in their own belief structure. The external effect can be created by outside sources such as parents, teachers, churches, governments, businesses and local or global society surrounding us.

By using the simple tools offered in this course you will be able to „overstep the hypnosis” and change your life completely with the power of New Energy Conscious Choice. You will be able to create new potentials for yourself. As a result you will experience much more flow („everything goes smoothly” feeling) and synchronicity in your life. Use the techniques provided by Synchrotize and apply the potencial of New Energy in your everyday life.

The workshop is led by certified NES teacher(s) and includes six DVD sessions containing instructions of Adamus Saint-Germain and instructor-led breathing exercises. This course contains reviews of the whole forming process of our beliefs and convictions as well as the role of external effects in our own decision making. It provides many personal assignments and exercises in which topics like letting go of everything, creating reality, conscious decision and group discussions reveal the key points of Conscious Choice are discussed. You will learn the pointers what are crucial for becoming a certified NES therapist and how to perform therapeutic exercises to other people and how to support others in this conscious choice process what is beyond hypnosis. The New Energy Synchrotize workshop and therapist training is a three-and-a-half day experience led by Adamus Saint-Germain, what includes six DVD sessions containing channels delivered by Adamus Saint-Germain of The Crimson Circle through Geoffrey Hoppe. During the course there are comprehensive group discussions and group therapeutic exercises as well as information about the opportunity to become a certified NES therapist.

This workshop is appropriate for:

  • Those who wish to learn and apply the possibility of the New Energy Conscious Choice in their daily lives , which can bring radical changes.
  • Those who would like to manage, or consciously change their own beliefs and belief systems, or their entrenched phobias or attributes.
  • Those who are struggling with an addiction disease (smoking, alcohol or medicine dependence, drugs or any other addiction).
  • Those who are struggling with fears, for example fear of dogs or flying and want to dissolve barriers set up by their own belief systems.
  • For psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and facilitators (for all holistic healers) who want to look behind the “real curtain” and return home enriched with a new “truly active” therapeutic tool.
  • For all those who have completed the Personal Study Course, but could not completely go into exercises, and want to experience working with their own belief systems in a more intensive form and on a higher level and learn the everyday use of the NES method to facilitate their own lives.

Language: DVD’s in English with local language Subtitle, discussion: Hungarian &/or English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, or German

First day, Registration 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM
First day Evening Session, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM + Homework
Second day: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM Morning Session + assignment (3-4 hours); 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM afternoon session
Third day, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM Morning Session + assignment (3-4 hours); 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM Afternoon Session; evening activity
Fourth Day, 9:30 AM – 1:00PM Morning sessions; 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM afternoon facilitator training

Attendees are not required to complete any other workshops in order to attend New Energy Synchrotize. For those who have already completed the Personal Study Course, the workshop format will provide a deeper understanding and a higher level of experience.

After completing the workshop you may become a New Energy Synchrotize (NES) certified Facilitator/Therapist.
For more information about NES therapy click here. To see the list of teachers and facilitators/therapists click here.

If you need any help with your registration please contact us.

Testimonials from our attendees:

“I’ve done the Personal Study Course material and I thought that this will help to going to do easily, but I was impressed more than I thought. I stepped a much deeper level of understanding (like you peels an onion skin one after the other). I’m not surprised that only a few dare to undertake this course because it provides an attitude change and a total internal change as well.”
“Saint Geirman first broke into pieces my picture about the world and during the exercises also fallen apart, that I was thinking about why my life formed like is now. This is slightly worn me out, but on the third day I put everything on a new basis and I relieved.”
“It was more than I expected. The teacher was great. The material was so amazing and the experience was much more than I can express.”
“It is a wonderful course. Provides a deep experience that I could not even imagine. So simple and yet complex and comprehensive. Now I know that any experience is OK, if I choose it.”
“This is a life changing workshop and I felt very privileged to be part of it. Changed the way I see myself and the things around me at the NOW moment.”

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