Topics you can learn about:

  • What is enlightenment?
  • Myths and misconceptions related to enlightenment.
  • (External and internal) rules and the role of choice in enlightenment.
  • The process of enlightenment long ago and nowadays (the era of new energy).
  • 4 stages of enlightenment.
  • What do Wall of Fire, Fruit of the Rose and I Am that I Am mean in the process of ascension?
  • Challenges and difficulties related to enlightenment.
  • What are the aspects and how are they related to enlightenment?
  • What is “Conscious Breathing” and what is its role in this process?
  • What does it mean if we choose enlightenment/ascension?
  • You can understand that birth, death and enlightenment can be a matter of choice.
  • How to bring back exhilaration to your everyday life?

Ascension that is enlightenment is one of the most popular topics in the spiritual and new-age literature. Many people agree that only holy people are able to reach or experience enlightenment. People who have lived their lives in dedication, intensive meditation, self-sacrifice and suffering.

This course offers you a completely different approach to understand the whole process of enlightenment/ascension. Enlightenment is the answer for the simply but deeply spiritual question that is “Who Am I?”.

Ascension is not about getting to the level of human perfection, but accepting yourself, and releasing all human restrictions and letting yourself choose the total freedom.

In this intensive three-day course, Saint-Germain will discuss the process of going through an in-body ascension. This occurs when a human gives permission to reunite with their divine wholeness while staying on Earth in a physical body, rather than going through the death and reincarnation process.

Adamus says this is the most difficult process a human will ever encounter, and the most sacred. During the course you learn how to promote your own enlightenment (ascension) process.

This workshop is appropriate for:

  • Those who are interested in spiritualism
  • Psychologists, special helpers and therapists
  • Anybody who is concerned with spiritual growth or enlightenment
  • Those who don’t know what is enlightenment or ascension
  • Those who want to learn more about the process of enlightenment and its background
  • Those who want to examine this issue from another point of view
  • Those who don’t find their current lives/ways of life comfortable
  • Those who want to stop learning by life-lessons
  • Those who want to “distil” their knowledge gathered so far into a so-called life wisdom
  • Those who believe in reincarnation/regeneration and want to get out from this cyclicality

The three-day course is led by a certified DreamWalker Ascension Teacher. The workshop experience includes eight channeled sessions with Adamus Saint-Germain (from the Crimson Council) through Geoffrey Hoppe on DVDs, who teaches about enlightenment. There will be also several assignments and group discussions in the course, and time for questions as well.

Language: DVD’s in English with Hungarian Subtitle, discussion: Hungarian &/or English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, or German

Friday – 10:00 AM – 10:15 AM – Registration
Friday – 10:15 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday – 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Testimonials from some of our attendees:
“I enjoyed every minute of the course.”
„It is a life changing workshop and I felt very privileged to participate in it. It has changed the way I see myself and everything around me, in the forever and joyful moment of Now.”
„I have never experienced emotions and tears as deeply… such simultaneous joy, sadness, relief, understanding, compassion and gratitude.”
„Adamus’ clear, loving and direct approach touched me so strongly that during the three days I could go deep into my feelings and start a process of transformation, which is still continuing after one-and-a half week. Adamus spoke so clearly that, although my English is not that good, I had the feeling that I was understanding everything without having the need to read the German transcript later, which I normally do.”

DreamWalker Ascension Workshop Intro video :

Note: Please click on the “Captions” button to allow subtitles.