Who is this therapy appropriate for?

  • It can be useful for those who feel like they got stuck at some point in their lives.
  • For those who want to get rid of an ingrained feature.
  • For those who want to respond differently to certain life situations.
  • For those who want to acquire and apply a New Energy method that is simply working and can be used efficiently any time in everyday life.
  • It can provide efficient help for those who are struggling with an addiction disease (smoking, alcohol or medicine dependence, drugs or any other addiction).
  • For those who couldn’t get rid of or give up their addiction even after several attempts.
  • The therapy can be useful also for those who are struggling with fears, for example fear of flying or spiders or dogs.
  • It can be beneficial for those who want to handle their lies and self-lies in their life.

Do you have problems in your life and feel like you can’t handle them alone? Then call on one of our New Energy Synchrotize (NES) therapists, who helps find your own answers and the personalized solution and get over the given problem. It could be a partnership or business problem or any kind of fear or block what you regularly struggle with: whether it’s fear of spider or snake or an addiction.

Depending on the type of the problem, remarkable result can be observed even after one therapy session. However, it’s possible that several sessions are required (particularly in case of addictions) for the definitive and fully successful result. But every case is different. For some people only one session can produce the desired result and for some several sessions are required to become confident and definitively solve their problems.

Note: On the day of the Synchrotize therapy, please, don’t plan other therapies, like reiki or energetic treatments, except massage or other relaxation, pampering treatments or movement therapies.

The Synchrotize (NES) therapy takes approximately 60 minutes.

For personal consultation, please contact:

Timea Thomazy
Certified Crimson Circle Mentor Teacher and Therapist
Phone: +(36) 20/3223271(Hungary)

Robert Gulyas
Certified Crimson Circle Teacher and Therapist
Phone: + (36) 20/4664702 (Hungary)

Alfred Halasz
Certified Crimson Circle Mentor Teacher and Therapist
Phone: + (36) 70/357 1655 (Hungary) or + (386) 31/490946 (Slovenia)