Topics you can learn about:

  • Historical background of the spiritual birth assistant work.
  • What happens before and during the birth behind the curtain?
  • What is the perfect childbirth like? (You can also experience it during a guided practice.)
  • What is the role of the “Conscious Breathing” in this whole process and what is it about?
  • What are the benefits of becoming a DreamWalker Adula (Spiritual birth assistant)?
  • We understand that birth is actually based on the choice of the parents.
  • How to establish contact and communicate with our future child before birth?
  • How to help couples who are struggling with fertility problems or other traumas (miscarriages, ill-born child?
  • We understand that both the birth and the death can be a matter of choice.
  • The role and practice of adula work.

Birth is not just a medical and physical experience; it is part of a miraculous spiritual process that allows the soul to come into biological embodiment. However, in most cases, beings unconsciously die and come back to Earth, consistently “are trapped” in the death-birth cycle over and over again.

This two-and-a-half day workshop provides insights into what happens in both the Earth dimensions and angelic realms prior to the physical birth. It will fundamentally change our understanding of conception and can help parents to make a deeper, more spiritual and energetic connection with their future baby, long before the actual delivery. By using special breathing exercises both the pregnancy and the birth process may become much smoother and almost trouble free, eliminating a lot of the pain and trauma often associated with pregnancy and birth.

After the workshop you may become a DreamWalker Birth facilitator, also called an “Adoula”. It is a new form of spiritual midwifery, what provides building communication and spiritual relationship between expectant parents and the incoming soul. He attends to both sides and promotes the smooth and conscious planning and waiting for baby. Please click here for further information about the DreamWalking Birth Transition Program.

This workshop is appropriate for:

  • Those who would like to work as a “spiritual midwife” of new babies.
  • Those who work as a midwife or doula and want to supplement or complete their services.
  • Those who want to have a baby.
  • It can be useful also for those who do not want children – to understand the background mechanisms and processes providing help to let go of any old traumas.
  • Those who already have children, but birth was very traumatic (possibly with disease or dead child was born or died in infancy) and therefore are afraid to undertake a fresh fruit of the womb.
  • Those who do not have children for any reason.
  • Those who would like to adopt a child.
  • Those who want to learn more about the real background of birth and death and those experiences.
  • Those who want to learn how to be reborn while staying in the same physical body.

This class is presented by certified DreamWalker Birth teacher(s), with DVD recorded Saint-Germain instruction and breathing exercises leaded by Kuan Yin and teacher(s). Class content includes the importance of DreamWalker Birth and its benefits, role of the host parents, group discussions and guidance on Conscious Birth and becoming a certified Adoula (spiritual midwife) as a profession. The DreamWalker Birth Transition Adoula training is a two-and-a-half day experience which includes eight channeled DVD sections, led by Adamus Saint-Germain from the Crimson Council, as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe. The course includes comprehensive group discussions and information about becoming a certified DreamWalker birth helper.

Language: DVD’s in English with Hungarian Subtitle, discussion: Hungarian &/or English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, or German.

First day, Registration from 6:00 PM – 6:30 PM
First day, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Second day, 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Third day, 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Testimonials from some of our attendees:

“It’s transformed me much more, than all the other Crimson Circle workshop.”
“First of all Adamus and the course material destroyed everything in me, and I fell completely into pieces and then he put me back together again on a new basis by the end of the course.”
“Now I know it why I wanted to have kids so much. 🙂 ”
“It was more than I expected. The teacher was great. The material was so amazing and the experience was much more than I can express.”
“It’s a wonderful course. It’s so calming, loving and caring. Now I know it that any experience is OK. ”
“It is a life changing workshop and I felt very privileged to participate in it. It has changed the way I see myself and everything around me, in the forever and joyful moment of Now.”

Notes: Attendees don’t need to complete the other workshops in order to attend DreamWalker Birth workshop.

DreamWalker Birth Workshop intro video :

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