Topics you can learn about:

  • “The story of creation that’s never been told… now told by a real angel.”
  • How and why we became separated from Spirit?
  • What transpires in the angelic realms?
  • It’s give us a new and refreshing picture of why earth was created and why we chose to come here.
  • We can actually remember and experience the original state of Oneness.
  • How and why we left Home?
  • Re-experience of the Wall of Fire.
  • Re-experience what it was like to awaken in the Void, feeling the emptiness and loneliness, as well as the exhilaration of discovering our own identity.
  • The creation of the omniverse & the development of 144,000 spiritual families and the Order of the Arc.
  • What it was like to leave the angelic realms to come to Earth?
  • Re-experiences what it was like to be birthed into biological form for the first time;
  • Remembrances of our Lemurian lifetimes;
  • The pleasures and pains of Atlantis;
  • The deeper understanding of why we are here in this lifetime.

Journey of the Angels will reawaken memories that have been buried since the beginning and will help you remember the answers to these questions. This profound material speaks to the deepest parts of you and will awaken you to the divine purpose that brought you into this lifetime. It explains how and why we became separated from Spirit, helps us to understand what transpires in the angelic realms, and it paints a new and refreshing picture of why earth was created and why we chose to come here.

The information given by Tobias in Journey of the Angels will also give you a broad and encouraging perspective on the state of humanity, events in the world and the times we live in. It is presented in a way that brings you back through the individual and personal experiences of your beginning and the evolution of your soul.

The Journey of the Angels is a spiritual epic, the explanation and understanding of Creation – from cosmic to personal. The student will actually re-experience their own personal journey, thereby setting themselves free from past limitations.

Given by Tobias just weeks before his final message, Journey of the Angels is a deep experience of awakening and remembrance.

In this intense 2½ day course Tobias tells a comprehensive story of creation and our angelic origins. Rather than the “fall from grace” that we so often hear about, Tobias says that we came to Earth on a mission to help solve a dilemma that affected all of creation. By re-experiencing the challenges we faced in the non-physical realms, but now in a more slowed-down and dense reality, we created a way to find the solution that will bring freedom to all of creation.

Perhaps even more importantly, by revisiting and finally understanding our own angelic origins and the sometimes traumatic experiences we’ve had along the way, we are also able to rewrite the stories that have defined and created our experiences here on Earth. This sets us free to create a life of grace and joy in this lifetime, for, as Tobias says, “The future is the past healed.”
The workshop experience includes eleven video sessions with Tobias channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe, as well as instructor-led breathing and group discussion.

Language: DVD’s in English with Hungarian Subtitle, discussion: Hungarian &/or English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, or German

First day, Registration from 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM
First day, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Second day, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Third day, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Testimonials from some of our attendees:

“Amazing and intense spiritual experience…”
“It was more than I expected. The material was so amazing and the experience was more than I can express.”
“I found it awesome, challenging, sad, very very beautiful, amazing, fulfilling… I am very grateful for the experience. I honor myself more because of it…and I now choose to live my life differently.”
“Really fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone who is ready for it. It gives so much perspective and continuity on our existence as spiritual beings, both in and out of physical form.”

Note: Attendees don’t need to complete the other workshops in order to attend Journey of the Angels.

Journey of the Angels intro video: