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By Dr. Glória Leitert

Translation: Szabolcs Túri

Published in Shaumbra Monthly January 2015.

In the fall of 2011 I did a 21-day retreat without any drink, food, meditation or self-healing. Through this experience I began to identify some of our human belief systems, their functions and their origins. During the retreat I simply allowed and accepted myself as I was, and with all the processes going on within me. Before it was over I experienced the “I am that I am” feeling; I felt myself light, pure and shining.

Then and there I erased a very old deeply ingrained program, namely that if you do not drink and eat for 3-5 days, you will die. Well, that did not happen to me. In fact, I experienced being truly alive.

Getting back to the typical days, the world and my family’s routines, which all still reflected my old habits, was very frustrating to me. I felt like I had come from Mars. “Is it me who is strange or them?” I wondered, and of course I already knew the answer. But something was still missing.

Since then I have been involved with how to make the experiences I went through available for others, but in a different, simpler and faster way. There are lots of misbeliefs and misunderstandings about living on light as I did for 21 days, but maybe the time will come soon when more people understand it. In my search for how to share with others, how to go beyond our belief systems, I found profound explanation, assistance and a simple experiential tool that everyone can use, and this is the New Energy Synchrotize™ course from Adamus.

I attended the Synchrotize class with Crimson Circle teacher Timea Thomazy, and all the blurry pictures in me became clear over the four days of this course.

I now have a simple, clear, and easily understandable explanation about why belief systems were established, as well as how they have worked for me and for others for a long, long time. I also understand now why the mind was created and how it works. I had considered the standards set in Atlantis significant and to be followed, but now I know that I can exceed these. I had considered the matrix – especially after watching the movie with the same title – to be a very strong, subtle and therefore almost invincible system, but now I know that I created and energetically maintained it. And if this is true, I can also make the decision to change it in my life. Moreover, I understand that all this is so very simple. When I previously felt it was difficult, that was noth- ing more than a program previously accepted and installed in me. And, to continue with the computer parlance, I can press the Delete button whenever I choose and then do it in my own, even simpler way. Why not?

The tasks required in the Synchrotize course sometimes seemed easy to do, sometimes difficult, but I did them. For instance, there is a segment where the student is required to look at their internal lies. To experience the lies in myself I went walking to look for a place to do my task. It was raining heavily and I wanted to find a calm, rainproof place on the waterfront. But half soaked after an hour of walking, I gave up on this idea and accepted what I had, ending up in one of the busiest tram stops in Budapest. At least there I could sit down without getting more soaked.
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Surrounded by the cool rainy air, I ate pizza – because it was warm and I was hungry – and just listened. At first, I only noticed the sad rushing people, the noise, the chaos, the dirt, the tall government buildings, and the fact that I, a raw food eater, was eating a salami pizza. There were many questions in my mind: “Is only raw food healthy?” “What is healthy actually?” “Who can tell what is actually good for me?” “Can I only meditate and do such internal tasks in a quiet place?” “Is this noise mine or can I choose otherwise?”

When I gave up the thoughts of finding the ideal place, time and circumstances, what I can and cannot eat, etc., I found myself just sitting, eating and accepting everything and everybody as they are. And from that moment, there were no more distractions. It was just me – in peace, rest, simplicity, purity and joy.

However, those are just words, and it is impossible to put feelings and perceptions into words. In that moment life was simple. I was breathing, eating, sitting and watching; I was alive, in my body and in all my cells, because I chose it. I could feel how simple it is! How soothing! How much joy is in it! I accepted, allowed and experienced what was there at that moment without any judgments and programs, and it changed everything.

As days passed after this moment of realization, I experienced some of the deep- est secrets and recognitions of my human and angelic existences. It was fantastic!

Four months have passed since I took the Synchrotize the course and my life continues to change. My 50th birthday was not long ago, a time when many people start to decline. However, I feel that I am living better; in fact it feels as if I just started living. I am consciously aware that I have a choice in every moment, and I can choose as a true sovereign being. And as I do so, it comes more easily and playfully all the time, and I feel things move faster and easier than ever before.

A few small examples:

During the Synchrotize course, one of my choices was to learn English, and I am happy to say that it is already coming true. Three months ago I started an English course with the schedule, frequency and price that is perfect for me. I am enjoying it a lot and my internal blocks regarding learning another language have disappeared. Very soon I will be able to listen to Adamus’ lectures in English and read this magazine too!

There are new perspectives in our raw food business. Creation is a playful, simple thing that I enjoy more and more, even in such small things like need- ing a raw food material and it arrives in a very short time.

My relationship with my husband (we have been together for 27 years now) and our three children becomes more and more harmonious every day. I have a lot more practice ahead, but I am on the right track. I have always been there with my family but now I even enjoy it!

When I help others with this new Synchrotize method, it also works very fast and effectively for them. One of my clients just found the perfect partner; another found a new job, etc. To release oneself from mass consciousness and hypnosis is just a really simple choice, and the result is such incredible freedom and creativity!

Are you ready for it? If yes, I truly recommend this four-day course, and you will find the new, true and creative life will come along with it.


Dr. Gloria Leitert is a new energy a counselor, a lifestyle consultant and a teacher. She regularly organizes new energy clubs and events in Pécs, Hungary. She and her husband work together in the raw/living food business, having established their company more than three years ago. To contact her send email to her email.

Special thanks to Gloria’s son, Szabolcs, for translating her story to English.

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