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 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThere is life beyond hypnosis – true, real living Life!

By Dr. Glória Leitert

Translation: Szabolcs Túri

Published in Shaumbra Monthly January 2015.

In the fall of 2011 I did a 21-day retreat without any drink, food, meditation or self-healing. Through this experience I began to identify some of our human belief systems, their functions and their origins. During the retreat I simply allowed and accepted myself as I was, and with all the processes going on within me. Before it was over I experienced the “I am that I am” feeling; I felt myself light, pure and shining.

Then and there I erased a very old deeply ingrained program, namely that if you do not drink and eat for 3-5 days, you will die. Well, that did not happen to me. In fact, I experienced being truly alive.

Getting back to the typical days, the world and my family’s routines, which all still reflected my old habits, was very frustrating to me. I felt like I had come from Mars. “Is it me who is strange or them?” I wondered, and of course I already knew the answer. But something was still missing.

Since then I have been involved with how to make the experiences I went through available for others, but in a different, simpler and faster way. There are lots of misbeliefs and misunderstandings about living on light as I did for 21 days, but maybe the time will come soon when more people understand it. In my search for how to share with others, how to go beyond our belief systems, I found profound explanation, assistance and a simple experiential tool that everyone can use, and this is the New Energy Synchrotize™ course from Adamus.

I attended the Synchrotize class with Crimson Circle teacher Timea Thomazy, and all the blurry pictures in me became clear over the four days of this course.

I now have a simple, clear, and easily understandable explanation about why belief systems were established, as well as how they have worked for me and for others for a long, long time. I also understand now why the mind was created and how it works. I had considered the standards set in Atlantis significant and to be followed, but now I know that I can exceed these. I had considered the matrix – especially after watching the movie with the same title – to be a very strong, subtle and therefore almost invincible system, but now I know that I created and energetically maintained it. And if this is true, I can also make the decision to change it in my life. Moreover, I understand that all this is so very simple. When I previously felt it was difficult, that was noth- ing more than a program previously accepted and installed in me. And, to continue with the computer parlance, I can press the Delete button whenever I choose and then do it in my own, even simpler way. Why not?

The tasks required in the Synchrotize course sometimes seemed easy to do, sometimes difficult, but I did them. For instance, there is a segment where the student is required to look at their internal lies. To experience the lies in myself I went walking to look for a place to do my task. It was raining heavily and I wanted to find a calm, rainproof place on the waterfront. But half soaked after an hour of walking, I gave up on this idea and accepted what I had, ending up in one of the busiest tram stops in Budapest. At least there I could sit down without getting more soaked.
Képernyőfotó 2015-01-08 - 14.09.31
Surrounded by the cool rainy air, I ate pizza – because it was warm and I was hungry – and just listened. At first, I only noticed the sad rushing people, the noise, the chaos, the dirt, the tall government buildings, and the fact that I, a raw food eater, was eating a salami pizza. There were many questions in my mind: “Is only raw food healthy?” “What is healthy actually?” “Who can tell what is actually good for me?” “Can I only meditate and do such internal tasks in a quiet place?” “Is this noise mine or can I choose otherwise?”

When I gave up the thoughts of finding the ideal place, time and circumstances, what I can and cannot eat, etc., I found myself just sitting, eating and accepting everything and everybody as they are. And from that moment, there were no more distractions. It was just me – in peace, rest, simplicity, purity and joy.

However, those are just words, and it is impossible to put feelings and perceptions into words. In that moment life was simple. I was breathing, eating, sitting and watching; I was alive, in my body and in all my cells, because I chose it. I could feel how simple it is! How soothing! How much joy is in it! I accepted, allowed and experienced what was there at that moment without any judgments and programs, and it changed everything.

As days passed after this moment of realization, I experienced some of the deep- est secrets and recognitions of my human and angelic existences. It was fantastic!

Four months have passed since I took the Synchrotize the course and my life continues to change. My 50th birthday was not long ago, a time when many people start to decline. However, I feel that I am living better; in fact it feels as if I just started living. I am consciously aware that I have a choice in every moment, and I can choose as a true sovereign being. And as I do so, it comes more easily and playfully all the time, and I feel things move faster and easier than ever before.

A few small examples:

During the Synchrotize course, one of my choices was to learn English, and I am happy to say that it is already coming true. Three months ago I started an English course with the schedule, frequency and price that is perfect for me. I am enjoying it a lot and my internal blocks regarding learning another language have disappeared. Very soon I will be able to listen to Adamus’ lectures in English and read this magazine too!

There are new perspectives in our raw food business. Creation is a playful, simple thing that I enjoy more and more, even in such small things like need- ing a raw food material and it arrives in a very short time.

My relationship with my husband (we have been together for 27 years now) and our three children becomes more and more harmonious every day. I have a lot more practice ahead, but I am on the right track. I have always been there with my family but now I even enjoy it!

When I help others with this new Synchrotize method, it also works very fast and effectively for them. One of my clients just found the perfect partner; another found a new job, etc. To release oneself from mass consciousness and hypnosis is just a really simple choice, and the result is such incredible freedom and creativity!

Are you ready for it? If yes, I truly recommend this four-day course, and you will find the new, true and creative life will come along with it.


Dr. Gloria Leitert is a new energy a counselor, a lifestyle consultant and a teacher. She regularly organizes new energy clubs and events in Pécs, Hungary. She and her husband work together in the raw/living food business, having established their company more than three years ago. To contact her send email to her email.

Special thanks to Gloria’s son, Szabolcs, for translating her story to English.

No More Workshops!

And how I ended up as teacher for the Crimson Circle Advanced Studies Workshops…

Lutz Nullmeyer by Lutz Nullmeyer

Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine.

Maybe you think just like I did only a few years ago: “No more workshops!” I had made my way on the spiritual path for lots of years, visited several workshops and trainings on different topics, read many spiritual books and so on. However, now I felt clearly: “It’s enough. I am done. I need no more workshops!” I was still following the Shouds each month, viewing the live transmission when possible, and afterwards I usually read the translation. There was enough information given by Tobias and Adamus in the Shouds. No more workshops needed. By the way, my wife Sigrid felt the same way when we first met about eight years ago. We were quite happy to not only share our love but also being Shaumbra.

Then we both together experienced some things that changed our mind. It started when Geoff and Linda Hoppe did a book tour through Europe in 2010. One of the events was just an hour drive away from where we live. I thought: “Well, it’s not far away and it could be interesting to see Geoff and Linda live – and Adamus, of course. There might be a problem with the language though, but I should be able to follow the general topic. I will go there!” Sigrid joined me.

The event took place in a hotel. The very moment we entered the room I felt and enjoyed being in that special energy. And the live channeling of Adamus was really an outstanding experience. When Geoff mentioned at the end that there were still three spaces open for the next workshop about mental imbalance I just knew that I wanted to attend. That one was meant for people with a special professional background. It was not for everyone, but I knew immediately that I wanted to go. Sigrid also felt very much drawn to it.

To keep it short, we were accepted to this workshop and enjoyed another special experience. Eventually Adamus made a clear statement to all attendees: If we wanted to work as facilitators, he would strongly recommend to attend the Sexual Energies School (SES), which is a class that was channeled by Tobias. Surprisingly, even that felt good and right for both of us. So we decided: “Let’s do SES. And that’s it! That will really be our last workshop.”

We did not anticipate that attending the Sexual Energies School would really make us change our mind as well as our life. For us in Germany it’s quite uncommon to exaggerate things and use expressions like “life changing.” When we say “good” it really means good and “very good” is the best value you can find. But going through SES turned out to be truly a life changing experience.

What made it so special? First, I really dived deep into the energies. This class was more about feeling and sensing than understanding through the mind. Even though there is a lot of information in each class, there is an intense energetic process that unfolds during the workshop, which allows a profound personal experience much deeper than the spoken words. It was so intense and helpful. Our experience went far beyond of what we would ever have expected. It really was a New Energy workshop. Our life – even as couple – has changed in such a positive way since then.

Now I understood exactly why Adamus had recommended SES, even though he had also mentioned here and there that there was no need for further workshops, studies, etc. We soon got more and more curious about the other Crimson Circle workshops like Aspectology, DreamWalker Death, and DreamWalker Birth. Well, the good thing about decisions and being sovereign is that you can always make a new choice. When it feels good – go for it. And that’s what Sigrid and I did – we discarded “No more workshops!” and decided instead to gift ourselves with more of these schools and workshops channeled by Tobias and Adamus. Each of them provided us with stunning experiences and insights, helped us move stuck energies within only three days, helped us to release a lot of makyo with ease and grace, and allowed us to meet interesting people. Last but not least we even ended up as certified teachers for several Crimson Circle workshops ourselves. We have been feeling so much passion about all the classes and the profound deep positive impact they have had on our life that it became a very strong heartfelt desire to present some of the classes ourselves. And we see that our attendees – whether they call themselves Shaumbra or not – have similar experiences.

Speaking of “passion,” some time ago we decided to take the Passion Workshop as a self-study course, which also gave us a wonderful experience. I got so much passion with “Passion” that I recently became a certified Passion teacher. Sigrid made the choice to repeat the class, this time using the setup of a teacher presented workshop with me as the teacher. We both were rather surprised by the outcome. Even though I as her husband was leading the class, it was no problem at all that each of us had our own role: Sigrid diving into the energies of the class as a student and me being the teacher. Moreover, Sigrid enjoyed a much more intense experience than with the self-study course. This showed us that there is a huge difference between going through the material on your own, and using the assistance of a teacher who provides a safe space and, if needed, plenty of support.

I agree with Adamus, when he states that we are ready to step into our own mastery without any other prerequisites. Yet, it can be so helpful and such an amazing experience to gift yourself with a New Energy workshop like the Crimson Circle Advanced Studies. As Adamus often says, “A real master allows the energies to serve him.” I have allowed the New Energy classes to serve me and wouldn’t want to miss it.

Lutz is a passionate certified Crimson Circle Teacher for Sexual Energy School, Aspectology, DreamWalker Birth, Discovering Your Passion and DreamWalker Life. He lives in the beautiful countryside in Syke (near Bremen), Germany, with his wife Sigrid, who is also a Crimson Circle Teacher.

Visit his website at


It’s Not Really About Sex

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By Geoffrey Hoppe

(Published in the October 2010 Shaumbra Monthly)

Catchy headline, eh? “Sex” has a certain allure. Just the word itself can be provocative and seductive. I know, because this morning as I fired up my laptop and surfed over to CNN News, I noticed many headlines and photos that implied sex.

For instance, there’s a big sex scandal involving Brett Favre, quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. He was my hero when he played for my team – the Green Bay Packers – but he fell out of grace when he deserted Green Bay and went to archrival Minnesota. Now he’s being accused of sending lewd messages and pictures of his penis (they used the word penis in the CNN story so I guess it’s alright if I use it here) to a comely young female news reporter.  It could mark the end of his 18-year marriage and his high-profile professional career, not because he’ll be forced to resign, but because the sexual virus energy he’s now caught in will greatly reduce his effectiveness on the playing field, and probably at home as well. (I guess he should have stayed in Green Bay… none of this would have happened.)

Many of the other articles and banner ads on CNN were highly suggestive, if not downright blatant about sex. I’m not talking about the sacred hieros gamos kind of sex. It is bawdy, low-vibration and energy-feeding kind of sex. Which brings me to my point:

My article in the recent issue of Inspire Consciousness, the monthly newsletter for Crimson Circle teachers, talks about the important role of the certified teachers. They bring the core Crimson Circle information to people around the world. Every weekend, there are teacher-presented classes being conducted somewhere in the world. The Crimson Circle teachers are much more than teachers – they are Awakening Facilitators. They set a safe energy for their students to experience the life-changing information offered by Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain.

SES ImageSES is not really about sex. It’s about loving yourself at a very sacred level. It’s about the integration of your masculine/feminine aspects. SES provides an understanding of how the core energies became separated eons of time ago, and how they can be brought back into unity, on an individual, personal basis.Of all of the courses offered by teachers, including the DreamWalker trilogy (Death, Birth and Ascension), Aspectology and Synchrotize, I consider Tobias’ Sexual Energies School (SES) to be the core-of-the-core class. Anyone that wants to become a Crimson Circle teacher has to take SES before they can take teacher training for any of the courses. I’d go so far as to say that every Shaumbra should strongly consider taking SES before they go any further on their awakening path.

On a very practical level, SES teaches us about the sexual energy virus. According to Tobias, this virus is caused by an imbalance in consciousness. It’s not owned or controlled by anyone or anything. It’s not part of a conspiracy or sinister plot, and it doesn’t come from the “dark side” or even from our aspects. In many ways it’s like a flu or cold virus. It’s passed from one person to another without discrimination. It steals energy and ultimately deprives a person of joy in their life.

Tobias offers insights on how to release the virus from your life. It’s called Aliyah, which coincidentally means “returning home” in the Hebrew language. Aliyah is about returning back to a place of love within your Self. Aliyah is a very personal experience. I’ve heard some Shaumbra that have not taken SES discuss and debate their perception of Aliyah, but alas, it is a personal experience that ultimately defies description.

Tobias said that this was the only way he knows of to release the consciousness virus. He was, of course, referring to loving your Self, completely and unconditionally. You don’t need to take SES to do this but the class provides a safe space and professional guidance in which to deal with the many issues that come to the surface. Crimson Circle teachers are trained and experienced in dealing with virus-related challenges.

Even in the safe classroom environment, the SES class is challenging. Teachers report that the energies start moving in several days before the class begins. It affects things like emotions, eating and sleeping habits, electronics, and even the students’ journey to physically get to the class. There are definitely heavy feelings during the first day or two of the class. In other words, it’s not necessarily a smiley, feel-good weekend. However, by the end of the weekend most students have deep personal insights that later turn into personal transformations. In the surveys sent to students after the SES class, over 65% say that the SES class was a life-changing event.

As another coincidence, I happened to go to the Crimson Circle Message Board to check on something else. I noticed that the latest message thread was about SES!  The author of the thread asks the question, “What are people’s experiences with SES? Particularly, I’m curious to see where people fall on a scale ranging from good/enjoyable/informative to absolutely necessary/changed my life/caused me to awaken, etc.” Here are some of the responses from Shaumbra about SES:

“Absolutely necessary, changed my life…”CCNewsletter_2010_oct_image2
“Essential understanding.”
“I actually think it should be a MUST for every human. It’s unbelievable how much is there. A whole new world.”

“SES is a life changing experience for everyone. I have taught several SES classes and it is an amazing experience to teach it as well. It is a class every human should take because every human is affected by the virus. For those who never seem to have the money, that is the virus in your life as well as your own victim aspects that keep you from taking the class. Linda has stated in several Shouds [during the Geoff and Linda show] that there are many Shaumbra Institute teachers who are willing to travel to teach a class. All you need to do is post it here on the message boards and there will be a teacher take you up on it.”

Or as my wife Linda so appropriately stated it, “You’ll never see life the same after taking SES.”

As a quick side note, Linda and I are hosting a one-hour Internet talk show on Thursday, November 11 (11-11) on Global Teleclass titled, “Energy Vampires.” GlobalTeleclass reaches out beyond the regular Shaumbra audience, so it will be a perfect time to talk about SES in lay-terms.
(Editor’s Note: The recording of “Energy Vampires” is now available for free download in the Crimson Circle Store.)

And as a final note, I’d like to thank Tobias for giving us (all of us) this material. It has made an important difference in my life, and in the lives nearly 2,000 Shaumbra that have taken the course.

Source: Crimson Circle Newsletter – October 2010

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