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FAQ – Conscious Baby Planning Program

Frequently Asked Questions: What can I expect from working with a spiritual adoula? The Adoula can begin to meet with a mother (or a couple) before conception occurs.  The parent or parents will receive pre-conception information and instruction from their Adoula. For every trimester of pregnancy, there is a specific connection work that is done.  […]

On the Way of CONSCIOUS Life – Experience the SES –

By Andrea Lengyel 02/07/2009   I participated and my life and my relation to life have changed. It’s like you are looking for something then a dear friend comes to you and says ‘look, you are looking for this, aren’t you? You are looking for the answer for this question, aren’t you?” Open your ears […]

Approach of SPIRIT in Hungarian Folk Society

Print Download PDF By Timea Thomazy (Hungarian version published in June 2009 Eletkozpont.com) The original meaning of Hungarian lélek (Eng. “spirit”) was “breath” (as soul, fume, breath, and based on historical data, the word lélek also meant “breath”), but the “spirit, ghost” meanings of the word might have developed from the concrete “breath” meaning already in the […]