The Safe Space

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By Geoffrey Hoppe

The “Safe Space” is one of the most simple and effective concepts Tobias has shared with Shaumbra. It’s a fundamental tool Linda and I use at the beginning of every Crimson Circle workshop or school. When Shaumbra comes in from the cold (the 3D world) I can sense the energetic walls around the attendees. These barriers are the result of the harshness and intensity of the outside world. Shaumbra come into the meeting room with protective layers around their consciousness and feelings, much like a person would wear layers of sweaters and heavy coats to ward off the cold weather. But the barriers actually restrict a person’s awareness and sensitivity.

As we start the breathing, we invite the attendees to create the Safe Space. This can be done as easily as choosing it. We don’t need a lot of hocus-pocus, we don’t need a protective bubble of white light, and we don’t even need to chase the spooks and imbalanced energies away. This becomes OUR Safe Space and within it we can open up and be our Selves. In the Safe Space, no other human or entity can take anything from us. We can open up and expand our consciousness, our feelings and senses, and our hearts, without fear that someone or something will intrude on us.

The Safe Space has been an energetic blessing when conducting some of the tougher, transformational schools like Sexual Energies, DreamWalker Death and DreamWalker Ascension. The students feel much more at ease, which allows them to go through a deeper level of personal experience. We train our certified Shaumbra Institute teachers to use the Safe Space when they are conducting their classes as well. It changes the entire dynamic in the meeting space so their students can enjoy the school at a deeper and more personal level.

You can use the Safe Space in every part of your everyday life. It’s done by simply making a conscious choice and then breathing it into your being. What you are really doing is making you – and your present moment – a Safe Space rather than trying to make a room, a building, an automobile or any other physical area to be safe. Your Safe Space allows you to feel and experience all of the energies around you, similar to Adamus Saint-Germain’s channeling about “diving in” from March 2008, while remaining balanced and whole.

I consciously choose the Safe Space whenever I get into my car, when Linda and I are traveling in an airplane, in large crowds of people (such as a shopping center), when I get on the Internet (which is filled with so many energies!), and when doing any activity that might otherwise involve intense energies. The Safe Space reminds me that I am choosing and creating my reality, and that I choose to remain in the Now moment, balanced and clear. After a period of time of consciously choosing the Safe Space, it becomes so integrated into your life that you will constantly be in the Safe Space. Choose the Safe Space, breath it in – and enjoy life!