So what actually Death is?

 – We choose LIFE through the breathing –

 Written by Tímea Thomázy 2009.
Of course, a man can die of cerebral thrombosis or cancer or whatever he wants! It doesn’t matter if his spirit living in the physical body or some other dimensional part of him decides about it, the point is the overall effect! If only one of his aspects wants to “die” and leave the Earth, where he walks in the 3D world wearing the clothes of his physical body, then he won’t die… it will be just brewing in him. To really leave, all the aspects have to approve it!
Because we know, even if somebody dies here in the 3D world and, so to say, his physical body turns to dust, the Spirit lives, as many people have already experienced it. (Because even the spirits without body are sensible and many people even communicate with them, whether they are on the Earth or in an empire close to Earth or somewhere else.)

So what actually is DEATH? It is the thing that a spirit, what has many dimensional selves, loses its earthly clothes what it doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. When we no longer identify ourselves with old clothes, we can change them and we might experience more interesting things when we want to come on the Earth again. Some enjoy this, others don’t. The choice is depends on the way they come on the Earth. And why is it necessary to consider death a bad thing? Even in the ancient Hungarian peasant society people knew that death is part of life. They had a good cry at the bier and they even helped each other mourn what was the very traditional and loving way of finding an outlet for the pain and the stress. Everybody saw and could touch the dead body. They took even small children with them there who got in physical contact with the dead body. This was a very natural process of letting go. It made the process easier for the family as well. …and what happened after the funeral? Then the burial feast came. Wining and dining. They drank for the dead’s health. They had a good time since the dead was still nearby…

When death became unnatural and people died in hospitals and lying in state at home became prohibited, in other words institutionalizing of death disarranged Hungarians’ image of death in this globalizing world.

There were diseases also long ago and many people died. Why everybody has to live for 1000 years if their lives are only about suffering and they hate the whole thing the way it is? Health, retirement age or a lot of money are all in vain, if somebody doesn’t spend time enjoying every moment of life, doesn’t take a header into the sea, doesn’t busk their face in the sunshine and doesn’t break into smile at the sight of a cute baby. What’s the point of living like a robot? At the beginning everybody just works like a slave to earn money and when they finally have enough, they don’t even remember what they were working for. It’s like people become amnesiac! People’s passion and joy of life are dead!

I was surprised the most by an old lady who had survived the war, the prison, tortures and more. She looked at the life with calmness and happiness and she was full of plans and joy of life even at the age of 90. In spite of the traumas and immense suffering, she learnt to consider life from another perspective and she WANTED TO LIVE! …AND SHE CHOSE HERSELF instead of becoming a walking dead like many other people in the society!

LIVE and FEEL! Because this is the reason why we are on the Earth!

So I totally feel for a dying person and their family! Moreover, I hold their hand and breathe together with them using the breathing method. What actually is conscious breathing? It helps be in harmony with ourselves and our bodies and release. It helps come to our centre and banish confusion and fear. This is what Anasazis were teaching in the DEATH school long ago. They were breathing together with dying people and their energies, intermingled by the common breathing, were doing affectionate dance slowly, with acceptance and release and very deep sympathy.

We choose LIFE with breathing!

I myself have experienced wonderful things about breathing! I love as Quan Yin helps energies during breathing and brings such deep balance by breathing. We can return back to our centres and full balance easily and we can integrate all of our selves from other dimensions into ourselves. I could cry with happiness because this kind of experience is so beautiful!

We choose LIFE with breathing! We choose OURSELVES with breathing!
Just breathe in the air through your nose deep down to your stomach easy, careful to let only the stomach move! …then breathe out! It’s simply amazing, you breathe slowly and swinging, like ears of wheat are swung by the soft summer breeze. Just in and out. Simply and with love. Accepting and loving ourselves. Feel the circuit of air. Feel yourself. Feel your heart while breathing and feel your spirituality. Feel your soul and feel your divinity.
Breathe only for yourself.
Choose life. Choose YOURSELF.
Yes, you are the gift.
Yes, you are the creator.
Choose yourself.
Fill your body with energy.
Breathe in really deep in your stomach.
Then breathe out.
Breathe in the energy of the Universe.
Feel as you are filling up.
Feel as air is running through your body and filling everything with moisture and oxygen.
Feel it in your arms and the tips of your fingers.
Feel it in your legs.
Feel as it is running through your toes.
It is filling up your body.
Breathe it in.
Feel its healing power.
Breathe it in deep.

Blessings to everyone!

Copyright © Thomázy Tímea 2009
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