Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Tímea Thomázy 08/12/2009

How to explain the essence of Conscious Breathing to others?

In no way. Only experiencing the conscious breathing is possible. When we want to talk about it to someone without them having to have experienced it themselves, that person becomes mental and a completely different picture emerges about it than what this breathing actually is.

Why talking is important in case of directed Conscious Breathing?

Words help experience the conscious breathing. They are like little hooks hanging on a hawser to which we can hang on to and flow with the current (in the ocean) together with the boat (with the same speed) which tows the hawser.

Is it important to thing about something when I do Conscious Breathing alone?

No, it’s not. You don’t have to think about anything. (When we imagine or think about something while breathing, it becomes a mental process and loses its essence.) Just choose the Safe Space (and let your body transform into a safe space with the simple choice) and start breathing.

What to do if I can’t turn off my mind while breathing?

Just choose the Safe Space and invite your mind to record every sensation while breathing. It’s unnecessary to right them down… just let it record sensations in your memory then start breathing consciously into your stomach.

What to do if the air doesn’t flow into my stomach? Is it like there is a stone in it?

  1. Choose the Safe Space in your body.
  2. Let the air flow into every part of your body, even into your stomach.
  3. Invite your mind to record all of your sensations.
  4. Make the decision that you begin it NOW.
  5. Start breathing gently into your stomach.
  6. If you still feel the “stone inside”, massage your stomach with gentle and tender movements from the pit of the stomach to the lower abdomen (you can use both hands by turns) while continuing to breathe.
  7. This will slowly but surely “melt down the stone” in your stomach.

How soon can I feel the effect of Conscious Breathing?

Even during the first experience. But everyday use can completely change one’s life.

Is it recommended for people with asthma?

Definitely yes. By acquiring this kind of breathing little by little (starting with 1-2 sessions a day then increasing the time spent breathing even up to several minutes) it increases the lung function and it can be used efficiently for cough as well.

Can Conscious Breathing be used for pain relief?

Yes. Generally the imbalance of the body causes most of the physical illnesses and pain. Since we come into balance in all levels during Conscious Breathing it helps release the pain in our bodies and let our bodies come into balance little by little reactivating their own self-renewal ability..

What happens to us while Conscious Breathing?

We balance ourselves. We will be in the moment of Now, 100% in our bodies, present, ready for the experience.

What is the different between meditation breathing and Conscious Breathing?

During meditation we travel outside our bodies to different dimensions for experiences, while the essence of Conscious Breathing is to take back every part of us to our bodies and this is the way how we experience (staying 100% in our bodies). So actually it is a reverse process.

Is it important to close my eyes while breathing?

No, it’s not. For those, who meditated before, is recommended to keep their eyes open in the beginning until they start experiencing Conscious Breathing and then later, when they are able to confidently stay in their bodies, they can close their eyes. Conscious breathing with closed eyes often goes together with more intensive sensations. Although I recommend to try both versions (with open and closed eyes) of breathing.

Where can I do Conscious Breathing?

Anywhere. Even in the morning while making coffee or driving your car or in the traffic jam… or even at work. Just stop for a minute and start breathing and after this short breathing exercise even the work or the creative work will go better.

How does this breathing change one’s life?

In every way. Since we will be much more present in our bodies and come into balance in all levels, illnesses affects us less. The quality of our experiences will change as well, they will become more intensive and deeper. By choosing Conscious Breathing and life along with it, life would become more balanced and happier.

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