Conscious Breath

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Norma Delaney

Your Conscious Breath opens the pathway to New Energy Living. Traditional breathing keeps a person stuck in surviving. The traditional breath focuses on the mind, shoulders, upper chest and neck, which are the holding spots of fear.

Receive Breath that is focused through your nose and travels the route of the body’s humidifier. This Breath brings moisture to the interior of the body. As the conscious Breath travels to the belly and core of you it awakens the connection between your Soul and the physical human. This awakens the ability to sense. Sensing is the powerful, intuitive ability of the awakened human.

Sensing is the doorway to feeling and living. Emotional roller coasters are not tools of feeling. They are the fear pathways of old energy, fear, and survival. Sensing is the experience offered to us when we are willing to let our Spirit/Soul self lead, rather than the mind of trained fear.

There are many forms of breath taught; delivering babies, yoga, athletic rhythms and more. The Breath urged by Tobias, St. Germain, used by Garret and I is the Breath as taught to me by Kuan Yin. This Breath is for the purpose of Integration. This Breath is the only tool we used to fully integrate a person who had been diagnosed as having Multiple Personality Disorder. It is the Breath we used to integrate into the living embodiment of Kuan Yen.

Receive the Conscious Breath, for no matter your age or walk of life, the journey into Integration is the journey into Living. Conscious Living is truly the path walked by The Masters. The Conscious Breath is the way of the New Energy for the New Master.

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