FAQ – Conscious Baby Planning Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

DWB_borito_fotoWhat can I expect from working with a spiritual adoula?

The Adoula can begin to meet with a mother (or a couple) before conception occurs.  The parent or parents will receive pre-conception information and instruction from their Adoula.

For every trimester of pregnancy, there is a specific connection work that is done.  The mother, or both parents, will be taught by their Adoula what is to be done at each stage of the pregnancy for the strongest connection to their unborn baby.

The Adoula will meet with the clients regularly during the pregnancy, and the parents will also be given instructions as to what they are to do on their own.

What is expected from the parent or parents?

The Adoula will instruct the parents on how to set up a sacred space in which to connect with the incoming child.  They will also receive additional instruction that will help them to nurture themselves through this process.

• What about the role of the father?

The father is an important and honored partner in this work.  However, it is not always possible to have the participation of the father, and in that case, it is entirely appropriate to work solely with the mother.

 Can an adoula work with a mother or a couple when there is already a pregnancy?

Yes.  An Adoula can begin working with a mother up until the third trimester of pregnancy.

How long can I work with an Adoula?

After the child is born, the Adoula can continue the work with the parents and baby for up to nine months after delivery, helping the baby to bring in the full potential of their divine energy.

What are some benefits from this work?

Parents are taught about conscious choice, and the impact that it has on conception and pregnancy.  Parents are also taught about the natural energies associated with birthing, and how to allow the birth process to become a beautiful unfolding.

Perhaps the biggest benefit, however, is that the parents will feel a spiritual connection with the incoming child which will be of benefit not only to them, but to the unborn baby as well.

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On the Way of CONSCIOUS Life – Experience the SES –

By Andrea Lengyel 02/07/2009


I participated and my life and my relation to life have changed. It’s like you are looking for something then a dear friend comes to you and says ‘look, you are looking for this, aren’t you? You are looking for the answer for this question, aren’t you?” Open your ears and listen, your body is struggling. It doesn’t want you to hear it because the virus never sleeps.

It didn’t sleep in me either; it grabbed me and pushed me into an aquarium. It was full of shavings, dirt and thousands of hamsters were running on the never ending wheels around me. I was there, standing and watching and I couldn’t believe that this would be my life. A glass wall… being a slave… It’s said this is the experience, the experience of our souls. Some run on it from the right to the left, others backwards and others don’t run on it just sit in the corner. This kind of person feeds on from others. He is the homeless, the hamster… the hamster is You or what you were before. Yes, I was a desperate hamster. But then I found the answers for my questions and the aquarium little by little started to collapse to give room for the infinite space, fresh air and happiness. I grew wings and I started to fly.But how did this happen… I was fighting with Him. He was afraid of change, he literally did everything against it. I convinced him that being a hamster can’t be the meaning of life. Okay, he admitted this… But he grabbed me and pushed me to the point zero. He involved me to “the just enough game”. What is this? I’m sure you know it well, too. It comes right when it’s needed. Nothing more, nothing less. You are stressed and nervous until it’s there… when it comes you are like a dog with two tails. You are happy. You love this game. Do you want to get off? Because you get off. But many people don’t know this. Neither did I before… BUT many people don’t get off, neither did I. He just comes anyway, what if I wouldn’t even take him seriously, I mean, I wouldn’t even be stressed… Oh, he is coming and yes, HE IS TWEETING to my ears. I decided it’s enough! It can’t go on like this anymore, this is not a life. Though I’m already free, it’s marginal, because I got stuck in “the just enough game”. I decided to learn to breathe. Before I could apply for the course, it got activated! My purse got stolen with all my money, card, everything. That was the point I got fed up and decided to go to the course anyway. He was tweeting at the back of my mind, because I had forced him there. “You can’t do this, you can’t go, you can’t afford it…” It’s nonsense! And I went there. In 2 amazing days I learnt to breathe down there where he lives. I was seized with fear. He enforced the “just enough game” even more that he had taken me in. Thanks for the breathing I financially recovered and I could go to the SES. And here he was named. Virus, Mr. V. He doesn’t want you to realize that you are a beautiful angel. He just wants to feed up FROM YOU! And he wanted from me as well… Let’s see what has changed:

– First of all, my menstrual cramps stopped what helped me a lot. Mr. V. (as I call him) wanted to make me believe that I was a flawed woman. Woman? No, just something like that. But what kind of woman is that, who experiences her femininity and cleansing as an agony every month? Could a woman be glad of her femininity like that? Be glad of her holy womb? NO, SHE COULDN’T! Could a woman be happy for being a woman in spite of all these? Could she act like a woman, make love, make her partner happy with her femininity? NO, SHE COULDN’T! But after Mr. V. got exposed, this thing came to light as well. And little by little, as they got defined, all of them stopped. No more cramps! It was my first period sanctified with its own blessedness and love that was about what it should have been: about cleansing and femininity.

After I experienced the first wonder of my life, I realized there was no any problem, I was perfect and beautiful in my own way. I completely opened up for my partner and our intimate relations got a completely new perspective with completely new emotions. I can’t understand how the previous 7 years could be so empty. I live. We live, together in harmony and happiness. This was the most beautiful gift that happened after the SES.

– Let’s see what else happened. Every time I realize that it’s Mr. V. who is tweeting at the back of my mind, everything changes. The point is to recognize him in action! Recently I visited my clients, it was already evening and I had already been in 5 other places. I was traveling a lot. I was striding dead tired and I realized the address got misspelled in the bank. I got furious, I was cursing, I realized I was dead tired and the spiral began to whirl. YOU KNOW the spiral railway. You get on it and it takes you deeper and deeper. You sink into yourself and if you don’t wake up… You sink into yourself for sure and find yourself in a “fall aside” syndrome. Thanks for the SES I realized I’m not like this! I love my job, I like my client and I love that I don’t have to sit in an office whole day. A misspelled address, so what then? And my energy immediately came back. A smile came to my face and I was hopping to my dear client and just couldn’t wait to throw myself into the paperwork! Realize that Mr. V. is in action! And everything will change!

– I have been really sensitive to cold since I was a little baby. My parents took me home from the hospital in a big swaddle in mid April but I was crying. They didn’t have any idea what was wrong with me, since the weather was sunny with 20-25 degrees and I was dressed up. My mom covered me up with a blanket, and lo and behold, I stopped crying. I had this habit until the SES. Mr. V. loves when you are a wreck and pitiful. Because, when you are cold, you are in the middle of the attention in a place where this is nonsense. It’s unbelievable but I’m able to be cold even in a 25 degree room. A 100 degree sauna didn’t make me sweat. He feeds up, guzzles… from you because you are shivering, from others because they are around you – oh, how much he loves this… I realized he is a really big energy vampire. And then I upped and reset myself from 26-27 degree to 19-20 degree base temperature. Thereafter I didn’t feel the cold even when I was on the road whole day in minus 15 degrees. I don’t freeze in a room. I don’t need to be cherished nor covered up. And I don’t long for sauna. What is that big heat for?

– I reduced the numbers of my energy vampires. I broke off relations with one of my colleagues and also my mom got off. We didn’t lose touch she just can’t feed up so our conversations got neutral. My grandmother doesn’t blackmail me anymore and I visit her with good feelings. My roommate doesn’t affect me anymore. She whines and tries to find cracks with complaints in vain. I’m unshakeable and ignore all her attempts, so she goes back to her room.

– I remember when I went to the SES I hated the place a lived. I don’t remember its reason and I couldn’t even define the virus related to this, but it affected because the virus disappeared. I LOVE my little nook, I love my plants, I love as I can see the morning sunrise from my table, I love as little birdies come back and tweet in spring and I love as my orchid set to bloom by the morning sun. In my opinion, people don’t hate their surroundings, but the relation and the feelings that tie them there. And if You and your emotions change, You yourself will become important and not your surroundings! And if you are happy and live in harmony, everything is OK!

– One day I realized – this happened a week ago – though I got off from “the just enough game”, I sat down at the table of “let’s play minus” at the same time, where the game is about going through your savings. Realizing it I sank in myself. I became sad, ran a fever and had follicular tonsillitis within 1.5 hours or so. It was like the end of the world. You know if you don’t let Mr. V. live and always reveal him everywhere, he will come out like crazy and attack with a whole army. I was so sick I lied down and only thing I could do was breathing. Down deep to my stomach and I chose the safe space (you can learn about it at the SES). Safe space, balance. And then you are inviolable. I was just breathing for 1.5-2 hours then I fell asleep. The following day there was nothing wrong with me!

Two days ago I read this in a book: thrombosis and heart attack are the two illnesses what are not caused or prevented by something, but created by the mind! If you give up, the car goes downhill. Just breathe in the safety and the balance, choose consciously and you will see you recover from everything!

Photos: Tímea Thomázy – 1. Queen of the Beach, 2. Hydrangea

Approach of SPIRIT in Hungarian Folk Society

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By Timea Thomazy

(Hungarian version published in June 2009 Eletkozpont.com)

The original meaning of Hungarian lélek (Eng. “spirit”) was “breath” (as soul, fume, breath, and based on historical data, the word lélek also meant “breath”), but the “spirit, ghost” meanings of the word might have developed from the concrete “breath” meaning already in the Finno-Ugric age, as it is mentioned in the Historical-Etymological Dictionary of Hungarian Language (TESz). This is based on the empirical evidence that as long as man lives, breathes – at death he “gives up the ghost”, “releases his spirit”, “spirit breaks away from him”. (Extract from Biography of Word ‘Spirit’)

According to the Encyclopedia of Hungarian Ethnography, the notion of SPIRIT is composed of several ideas of different ages → in the Hungarian folk beliefs.

Lélek is a Finno-Ugric word and the meaning of its equivalents in related languages is “breath”. The different spirit ideas, what not long ago still existed and are more or less distinguishable from one another, are the followings:

1. breath-spirit (as soul, fume, breath, and based on historical data, the word lélek was also used in the sense of “breath” – as respiratory function [editor’s note]). It is based on the empirical evidence that as long as man lives, breathes – at death he “gives up the ghost”, “releases his spirit”, “spirit breaks away from him”. This spirit is in close relationship with the body. If it leaves someone’s body, that person dies. The belief in the leave of the spirit with blood is sporadically known. Also this shows that the spirit was considered as a vital function and it supposedly came from the manners of death related to bleeding to death.

2. free-spirit (shadow-spirit, image-spirit): it can temporarily be independent from the body; the belief has it that it leaves the body during sleep and returns when awakening. It can transform into a bumble-bee or a white mouse when leaving. Its concept is known from sparse historical data (→witch hunts) and belief stories. However, these often partly funny stories – at least in the 20th century – don’t show living belief in the free-spirit. The term “the spirit goes into them only for sleep” (means “looks like a ghost”, “be on their last pins” in English) supposedly refers to this spirit idea. Neither its centre in the body nor its nature are known in the Hungarian folklore.

It is generally believed as the shadowy image of the body in those places where it is better known and it can reside in several parts of the body (head, face, forehead, back, etc.). It doesn’t have particular term in Hungarian (it was tried to connect the Vogul term of the concept to the Hungarian → íz [the word is not used anymore, but in curse, originally it referred to illness, most probably scorbut] –, but this relation is not adequately proven yet).

The free-spirit had a role in peoples with shaman faith)(→ shamanism). – The dualistic conception of spirit including these two approaches of spirit is very old and it can be found in a very vestigial form in current Europe and the breath-spirit conception of spirit dominates.

The teaching of the Church about the spirit didn’t influence the nature of the spirit ideas; however, the widespread belief that the foetus “gets its spirit” (or the “divine spark”) in halftime is supposedly related with it. The teaching of the Church about body-spirit dualism united with the body–breath-spirit dualism and supported it. (God blew his breath [spirit] into the first man.)

3. The belief, what is relative to the spirit of the dead and was widespread in whole Europe until recently, has no exact correlation with the above mentioned; it is the collective term of several coexisting, different aged concepts, some of which are related to the concept of breath-spirit or free-spirit. This belief is both the explanation of gestures and acts belonging to the traditional order of funeral habits, and part of the belief stories dealing with the returning dead or the reports of →mediums about afterlife. It is hard to decide which one of the certain elements had living belief background and were actual parts of the Hungarian folk beliefs.

These elements, appearing in different manifestation forms, are the following:

The explanation of opening the window when (→ death) occurs (giving way for the leaving spirit) refers to the approach of the spirit of the dead as breath-spirit, however, belief is general that the dead perceives the things around them a while after their death, moreover, a sparse data has it that they eat from the fumes of the food consumed around them during the (→ vigil)therefore the dead body lost only certain life functions. This and all forms of → feeding the dead which supply the dead with food and drink, who is still present and lying in state, proves the concept of the dead as a living dead body. This belief supposedly predated any concept of the spirit of the dead, but it lived on with more or less intensity together with the dead body-living spirit dualistic concept.

Perhaps the widespread belief, that the pregnant dead gives birth to her child in the coffin, is related to this approach. The origin of the custom of putting several objects next to the dead body  sin the coffin also comes from the concept of living dead, however, in current Europe it refers primarily to meeting → the otherworldly  needs of the dead; the concepts related to the other world refer clearly to the shadow-spirit of the dead staying there.

The widespread belief in whole Europe, that the spirit stays close to the dead body for a while after death, is also based on the concept of shadow-spirit. Various dates are known for the leaving to the other world of the spirit: the day of the funeral, following bereavement – it keeps guard at the cemetery gate till then –, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 6-7 weeks, 30 days, 40 day etc. Several deadlines are known in every part of Europe – even in Hungarian language area. Some of the funeral customs, correlating with the belief in the final leave of the spirit, are related to one of these dates; other times these are known only as traditional dates of the custom actions.

The following acts, regulations and prohibitions are related to these dates in the Hungarian language area: the belongings of the dead must be kept in order and not be used, sold nor given away before this period of time elapses. It is forbidden to pour water in front of the house because it would scald the spirit staying there. The medium can’t talk to the dead because it’s not in the other world yet. The presence of the spirit around the house is indicated by several ways, mainly by making noise. The period of → mourning and the custom of holding memorial feast (→ burial feast) what is unknown in Hungarian language area but widespread in Southeastern and Eastern Europe, are related to these dates.

It was a general belief that the dead might come back in this period (e.g. at first night after the funeral it comes back to give thanks for the accommodation, therefore the family has to prepare food for it). The belief in→ the returning dead existed even in the 20th century; it is a popular theme of belief stories as well. The most general ways and signs of returning are the following: appearance in dreams, making noise (clattering dishes on the shelf, rattle in the attic), moving objects (e.g. the bucket handle lifts); but in addition to these phenomena, that belong to the scope of concept of the shadow-spirit, the figure of dead, who appears in reality rising from its tomb, is known as well. In many places the time of the final leave means the final entertainment of the dead.

The belief background of customs that belong to the traditional order of funeral customs and tend to prevent the return of the dead(→taking out the dead from the house), apart from the fact of belief in returning, is not clear. It’s a general belief that the wishes of the dead, mediated by a medium or a dream, must be fulfilled in order to prevent and stop the return of the dead. These wishes are generally concerned with paying off outstanding debt of the dead or something the dead is missing (clothes, food, articles for personal use).

(→ more: animism, , → funeral customs,, → phantom,, → vampire)

Szendrey Ákos: A magyar lélekhit [The Hungarian Spirit Belief] (Ethn., 1946);
Paulson, Ivar: Die primitiven Seelenvorstellungen der nord-eurasischen Völker (Stockholm, 1958);
Lixfeld, Hannjost: A Guntram-monda Paulus Diaconusnál [The Guntram Legend in Paulus Diaconus](AT 1645A) (Ethn., 1970).

Sources: Encyclopaedia of Hungarian Ethnography; ; Biography of Word ‘Spirit’
Pictures: Dr János Vizúr www.vizuart.com
Translated by Viktoria Toth 2014

The Safe Space

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By Geoffrey Hoppe

The “Safe Space” is one of the most simple and effective concepts Tobias has shared with Shaumbra. It’s a fundamental tool Linda and I use at the beginning of every Crimson Circle workshop or school. When Shaumbra comes in from the cold (the 3D world) I can sense the energetic walls around the attendees. These barriers are the result of the harshness and intensity of the outside world. Shaumbra come into the meeting room with protective layers around their consciousness and feelings, much like a person would wear layers of sweaters and heavy coats to ward off the cold weather. But the barriers actually restrict a person’s awareness and sensitivity.

As we start the breathing, we invite the attendees to create the Safe Space. This can be done as easily as choosing it. We don’t need a lot of hocus-pocus, we don’t need a protective bubble of white light, and we don’t even need to chase the spooks and imbalanced energies away. This becomes OUR Safe Space and within it we can open up and be our Selves. In the Safe Space, no other human or entity can take anything from us. We can open up and expand our consciousness, our feelings and senses, and our hearts, without fear that someone or something will intrude on us.

The Safe Space has been an energetic blessing when conducting some of the tougher, transformational schools like Sexual Energies, DreamWalker Death and DreamWalker Ascension. The students feel much more at ease, which allows them to go through a deeper level of personal experience. We train our certified Shaumbra Institute teachers to use the Safe Space when they are conducting their classes as well. It changes the entire dynamic in the meeting space so their students can enjoy the school at a deeper and more personal level.

You can use the Safe Space in every part of your everyday life. It’s done by simply making a conscious choice and then breathing it into your being. What you are really doing is making you – and your present moment – a Safe Space rather than trying to make a room, a building, an automobile or any other physical area to be safe. Your Safe Space allows you to feel and experience all of the energies around you, similar to Adamus Saint-Germain’s channeling about “diving in” from March 2008, while remaining balanced and whole.

I consciously choose the Safe Space whenever I get into my car, when Linda and I are traveling in an airplane, in large crowds of people (such as a shopping center), when I get on the Internet (which is filled with so many energies!), and when doing any activity that might otherwise involve intense energies. The Safe Space reminds me that I am choosing and creating my reality, and that I choose to remain in the Now moment, balanced and clear. After a period of time of consciously choosing the Safe Space, it becomes so integrated into your life that you will constantly be in the Safe Space. Choose the Safe Space, breath it in – and enjoy life!

Source: http://www.crimsoncircle.com/Newsletters/CC-Newsletter-Apr2008-SafeSpace.htm