About the Sexual Energies – Part I

Written by Tímea Thomázy 2008

“…Someone, who has been living with (often bringing the victim energy with them from their former lives, existed eons ago and) psychic or physical abuse for decades, finds it difficult to cope with the sacrificial role (e.g. women who got raped many times in all of their former lives). In spite of the New Energy! Though, it’s a fact that according to the New Energy, theoretically people should hit on the right solution and technique what is given by Tobias in the course to cut themselves adrift energetically from other people and produce energy for themselves. But this could be a time-consuming process, so if somebody doesn’t want to suffer the “victim role”, they will feel whether they need this course or not.

Our virus stays with us even after death, that’s why people may bring this victim energy with them from time immemorial. That is the reason why many dead people can’t get back home nor get through the empires close to Earth because they got stuck by the virus… it doesn’t matter if they themselves or others hold their energy there…

The “other side” is completely different, when someone is a nagger, abuser kind of person and he tries to get energy using this technique. People belonging to this group never find out that there is a virus even inside them because this kind of “nutritional form” doesn’t cause them any inconvenience, until people around them try to detach themselves. When they don’t want to feed and energetically support him any longer, they lose their temper and try to do something against it or they go somewhere else to “eat” or if they can’t “get attention” anywhere, they feel the wind of change, but first they try all kind of techniques, they even assume the sacrificial role to get “SOMETHING” (hungry Hungarians… as Adamus St. Germain said…).

In fact, this school is not a medicine! The “virus” living inside you won’t disappear just because you participate in this course. However, it gives you guidelines how to shrivel the “parasite” inside you, and using the technique you can shrivel it little by little and eventually do away with it. In fact, this will be the spinoff of the course and your work because the real goal of the school is to teach you how to cut yourself adrift energetically and how to realise when your virus is active and want you to do something in order to keep it alive and not terminate this long standing “SYMBIOSIS”. Though in this strange relationship you have come off badly (the number of suicides is high).

The course helps open the closed gates inside you to be able to fully integrate your other dimensional aspects into yourself and open up yourself for all dimensions and find the ancient knowledge of Atlantis again and let it flow inside you.

One more thing. This thing, what Tobias calls virus, got its name because it spreads like a virus. If energy is taken from someone or they get involved in a give and take game, eventually everybody plays because it is the concomitant of energy conversation and lack of energy of the dual system…”

Copyright © Thomázy Tímea 2008

(Tímea Thomázy – Extract from www.shaumbra.wire.hu Forum topic of The Sexual Energy School.

Picture: Anthony Butkovich www.abartist.com